Hannah Naomi’s founder began making jewelry in her grandma’s garage, driven by the desire to create simple, sophisticated pieces at an affordable price. Established in 2011, the brand is still rooted in these same values. Every item is handcrafted out of high­ quality materials, from sterling silver to solid gold. The line’s minimalist aesthetic offers a range of options that can be worn alone for a delicate look or mixed and matched to create a bold statement. Hannah Naomi’s jewelry is designed to be playful and accessible and to let the style of the person who’s wearing it shine through—whatever that style may be.



The full line can be purchased on this site and in a variety of curated boutiques across the globe.

Hannah is the owner and founder of Hannah Naomi. She does the fun things, like designing and making the jewelry by hand, from hammering to soldering to polishing. She also does the not­-so fun things, like tackling the nuts and bolts of the business. But mostly, she makes a lot of things. So many things. She’s constantly dreaming up and creating new pieces, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

McKenzie joined the company in 2016, and she’s Hannah’s right hand lady. She handles the shipping and packaging, as well as the customer service. She manages the marketing, social media, and newsletters and creates the graphics for all of them. She plans sales and photo shoots, keeps the showroom spic and span, and organizes, organizes, organizes. She’s also really good with a power drill.

Sammy is one of our lovely jewelers! She helps fill your orders and keeps our back stock full. One of Sammy’s many creative hobbies is finding old paintings in thrift stores and adding her own unique elements.

Allison creates all of the beautiful content you see on our social media accounts and also runs the showroom. She helps package your orders and answer your questions too! She is dog mom to one of our studio mascots, Toby and paints the cutest pet portraits! Check out her art work here.

Earl is our original mascot and a very good boy! He is a 12 year old rescue who loves treats and naps. But, really. who doesn’t?




Watch a Behind the Scenes video at the Hannah Naomi studio in Portland, Oregon: