Our Story

In 2011, Hannah began making jewelry in her grandma’s garage, driven by the desire to create simple, timeless metal jewelry at an approachable price. Every HN piece is made to the specifications of the buyer, starting with high quality, nickel free and never plated metals. All of our rings are offered in a full range of sizes for a perfect, customized fit. (1-16 US including quarter sizes.)

We believe that quality jewelry should be accessible to everybody.


Each piece of our collection shares a delicate and refreshingly simple quality that allows for endless styling options. You can choose a single stacking ring or a delicate chain necklace for a minimalist, timeless look or you can create a bold statement by layering pieces from all of our collections. There are no rules!

Hannah Naomi Jewelry is designed to be playful, accessible and allows the style of the person who’s wearing it to shine through—whatever that style may be.

From start to finish, everything happens in our production studio in Portland, Oregon.

Hannah is always dreaming up new designs and reworking classic styles to give them new life. Once they are perfected, those designs will be handmade to order by Hannah and our talented production team using sustainably sourced, high quality metals. Then, a member of Team HN will meticulously check each piece for quality one final time before carefully packaging it and sending it off to its new home. In fact, the small team of ladies responsible for packaging and shipping your orders may be familiar! The three of us also answer your messages, run our brick & mortar shop in SE Portland and create photo, video and graphics content for our social media accounts and website. 

The full line of rings, necklaces, earrings and more can be purchased in our shop in Portland, Oregon, on this site and in a variety of curated boutiques across the globe.


Learn a little more about the ladies that make our little business tick. Click on our photos to shop our favorite Hannah Naomi pieces!

Hannah - Owner Hannah Naomi



Hannah is the owner and founder of Hannah Naomi. She does the fun things, like designing and making the jewelry by hand, from hammering to soldering to polishing. She also does the not­-so fun things, like tackling the nuts and bolts of the business. But mostly, she makes a lot of things. So many things. She’s constantly dreaming up and creating new pieces, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Production Team

Production Team Lead

Ysabella is the newest member of Team HN, but we aren’t quite sure how we did it without her! She is in charge of getting your orders out the door as quickly as possible (if you ordered from Ready to Ship you likely have her to thank for the quick turnaround time!), making Basic pieces for backstock, filling wholesale orders, organizing the studio and generally assisting the team as needed. 

Operations Team

McKenzie Operations

Operations Manager

McKenzie joined Team HN in 2016, and she’s Hannah’s right hand lady. She handles shipping and packaging as well as the customer service and logistics. She helms all of our long term projects and operations procedures both in store and online including event promotions, visual merchandising, employee scheduling and overall upkeep of the studio and our retail store. McKenzie also creates all of the graphics we use in print materials, on the website and for signage. She’s also our resident handiperson and is the proud auntie/dog mom to Maybe!

Allison - Social Media

Social Media Manager

Allison is in charge of the planning and execution of all the content you see on our Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and our other social media platforms! She also loves to help customers with styling by writing helpful blog posts and assisting with customer inquiries. Allison is an artist who creates cheeky artwork that you can find in our retail shop. And is dog mom to the ‘Production Assistant’s Assistant’, Toby!

Customer Support Lead + store Manager

Katie runs our brick + mortar shop and is in charge of customer support. She is just an email away if you have any questions about an order, our products or anything else. She also gives the best styling advice! If you can’t decide on a style or if you would like a second opinion just send her an email for guidance. Katie also designs all of the fun newsletters that come through your inbox, photographs and edits many of our product listings, creates social media content with Allison and helps McKenzie with website upkeep. Come visit the store and say hi!

Support Team

Brand Ambassador

2005 – 2020

Earl was the original Hannah Naomi mascot. He passed away in 2020 at the ripe old age of 15 having lived a full doggy life surrounded by love. His affinity for outdoor naps and mid day snacks is relatable to every member of the HN Team. We miss you, buddy!


Maybe is a new member of our team! She is a one year old Rottweiler Shar Pei mix who looks amazing in all of our jewelry (she will happily wear any piece you like as long as you compliment her). She loves naps and snuggles and will require you to pet her when you come to visit the studio.

Production Assistant's Assistant

Toby is our former security guard turned production assistant! He still may bark to greet you at the studio door, but he just wants to chat and check if you have any treats! He spends most of his work day napping, trying to find the perfect lap to sit on and and wishing he had some squirrels to boss around. 

Visual Merchandising

Mal is a very handsome kitten with an eye for design. He’s a new addition to our team and helps arrange (and sometimes knock over) our displays in store! His favorite activities include looking out the window, playing, and watching nature documentaries.