Portland, OR
Tuesday – Sunday availability is required.
Compensation is dependent on experience.


If you have an interest in metal work, a background in management and an eye for detail and organization, we would love to hear from you! 

This role is a pivotal one for our small company. After years of managing all aspects of Hannah Naomi’s production by herself, Hannah will be personally training the right candidate to take over a wide variety of crucial responsibilities. This position will greatly contribute to the growth of Hannah Naomi, and in turn, this new role will grow along with it. 

Skills / experience:


  • Prior professional jewelry-making experience is NOT required. Hannah is a self taught jeweler and she will be training you to create our pieces using methods and processes she designed.
  • This position is best suited to a creative and crafty individual. If you have any hobbies or creative outlets we would love to hear about them in your cover letter!
  • Most of our jewelry is very small and delicate. Good dexterity, attention to fine detail and being comfortable with repetitive tasks are all imperative to this position. 
  • We are looking for a quick learner who is eager to learn and develop a new set of skills.
  • Being comfortable working with your hands is necessary. 
  • Be independently motivated but also have the ability to work well with a team. 
  • Prior managerial experience is preferred, especially in a creative environment. This could include experience working on an academic team, teaching, or any other fle team leading experience.
  • An eye for critiquing your own work and the work of others is highly important to this position. Little imperfections happen with delicate metal work but we only send out the highest quality pieces. You should be comfortable both taking and giving direction and constructive criticism when it is required.
  • An easy going attitude works best around here! This is skilled work but we want you to have fun doing it.



0-3 MONTHS To make sure this position is the right fit for all parties, the first three months will act as a training/trial period. Hours will be approximately 32-34 per week Tuesday – Sunday.

Because this position requires extensive training, the day to day responsibilities will shift dramatically over a short period of time. We estimate that it will take close to a year to be fully trained on the majority of the daily responsibilities and day to day tasks. We are looking for a long term Production Lead who will grow with their position and make it their own in the upcoming years.

Starting out, this position’s responsibilities may include:

    • Closely shadowing Hannah to learn how to make some of our most popular styles from start to finish.
    • Cutting metal, hammering, soldering, polishing.
    • Checking all pieces for quality control.
    • Cleaning the studio space.
    • Pulling finished pieces from backstock to fill orders.
    • Packaging and shipping orders as needed. 

3-12 MONTHS – After six months, an hourly raise and generous additional benefits will become available. 

Some of the long term responsibilities for this position include:

    • Independently cutting, filing, hammering and polishing jewelry from start to finish.
    • Assisting Hannah with variable daily tasks.
    • Carefully checking pieces made by production assistants for quality and organizing them into back stock. 
    • Re-organizing and structuring our back stock system to improve and streamline our sorting, packaging and shipping system.
    • Assisting Hannah in hiring new production assistants.
    • Training new production hires.
    • Making daily To-Do lists for the production staff.
    • Organizing and cleaning the studio. This job is very well suited to a candidate who is almost too excited about organization.
    • Inventory management.
    • Following all safety regulations and enforcing the regulations with the rest of the team.

the fun stuff!


Our work environment is laid back and very flexible. Our studio is located inside  the Ford Building on SE Division Street and we just opened a small retail shop right across the street. Our location has convenient access to public transportation, great lunch spots, a stocked break area (we have never run out of coffee or snacks), and, our favorite perk, there are a lot of dogs in our building! We are all animal lovers and, occasionally, one of our studio mascots comes to work with us. If you have a fur baby we encourage (more like beg) you to bring them to work! After the training period is over, you will receive paid time off and retirement benefits. Plus, we are always happy to work with you to schedule vacation time as needed. Last, but certainly not least, a jewelry allowance and a generous discount on all HN pieces are available to family, close friends, and, of course, you!


Interested candidates should submit the following information either by email to Naomi@HannahNaomi.com or through the *form below:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Three references
  • Answers to ALL questions outlined in the form below.
  • If applicable – Photos of past work you feel is representative of you as a coworker, creative, or demonstrates skills required for this position.


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When the application has been successfully submitted through the form, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 1 hour please submit your application to the email address below

Applications may be submitted by email to Naomi@HannahNaomi.com.


We look forward to hearing from you!