Can I modify my order after it has been placed?

If you need to modify your order in any way please contact us ASAP at

Because we make our jewelry to order we can generally help with changes until the order is shipped out of our studio. If you want to add pieces to your existing order it could delay shipment by a couple business days. 

If you are interested in extra shipping services (signature confirmation, extra insurance) for ANY item, please let us know. If you live in an apartment complex or have recently had trouble receiving mail through USPS we strongly suggest the upgrade! The extra cost is minimal (around $2-4 for additional insurance or signature confirmation) but upgrading from standard shipping could help avoid potential issues with USPS delivery. 

How will my order be packaged?

Most pieces will be packaged in individual boxes. However, stacking rings and other small pieces purchased in multiples may be packaged in the same box to cut down on waste. The boxes vary slightly in size depending on the size of the jewelry. The box pictured below is used most often.

standard packaging

Small Ring/Earring Box

This box is used to ship the majority of our pieces.

Large Ring/Earring Box

This box style is used for larger rings (Wraparounds, Shield etc.) and larger Earring Sets.

Premium Gift Wrap


A sturdy, velvet lined ring box with gold foil on top. Comes with a custom, handwritten gift note (if you choose to leave one!) in a marble printed envelope. 

What is the current status of my order?

If your order contains made to order pieces and less than 10 business days have passed since the order date, your order is still in process.

Most of our pieces are made to order with the exclusion of specially marked items and the Ready to Ship section (RTS pieces take 2-3 business days before shipment and are all marked as READY TO SHIP in the title).

Business days do not include weekends or holidays. As soon as we print the shipping label for your order we will send over your tracking info.

Thank you so much for your patience while we make your new jewelry! You will love it :)


How are domestic (US) orders shipped?

All packages are shipped by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Options include:

First Class Mail | 5-7 business days | $4.75

Priority Mail | 2-3 business days | $8.75

Express Mail | 1-2 business days | $30.00 (given priority on our production list)

Shipping times are estimated by USPS. We cannot guarantee delivery dates or foresee potential delays from the Post Office. Express Mail is the only method that comes with a guaranteed delivery date. Once we have printed the label for your package you will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number.


How are international orders shipped?

The standard shipping cost for international orders covers USPS First Class Mail International, a service that usually takes 2-10 weeks for delivery. This is the least expensive and slowest option available. Please note that the tracking information for this method will not continue to update after the package has left the US.

International: Will I have to pay customs fees when my order arrives?

There may be additional taxes or fees due before you can pick up your package. These fees vary dramatically from country to country and there is no way for us to predict what the additional cost will be. Please contact your local post office for more details.

International: Can you under value my order to avoid customs fees?

We cannot mark international orders as “gift”, use any vague description of the contents of your package or under value the order total on customs forms. That is considered mail fraud by the US Postal Service and is a federal crime punishable by severe fines or jail time. Please note that we will not break this law in order to avoid the customs/duty fees required by your country.

How can I track my order?

To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

What if my package is returned to sender?

When a package is returned to us by USPS we will first contact you to double check your shipping address and see how you would like to handle the order. We can either refund the merchandise cost or reship the package. There may be a shipping fee charged to reship.

We prefer to ship returned to sender packages to a new address. If you would like us to ship the same address we cannot be responsible should the order be lost or returned a second time.

If we do not hear back from you we will hold your package for one month. After that month we will consider the order abandoned. Compensation for abandoned orders is available for store credit only. Contact us for details on how to redeem your credit. Refunds are not available for abandoned orders unless otherwise discussed.

I have not received my package.

If you ordered a Made to Order piece and less than 10 business days have passed (1-3 business days for Ready to Ship pieces) then your order is still in progress. 

  • As soon as your order ships out we will send you a tracking number and confirmation to the email address listed on your order. If you have not received that notice please enter your info into the box labeled ‘How can I track my order’ above. If no tracking number can be found it is most likely that we have not yet shipped your order. 

If your order has shipped it can be tracked here!

  • Please note that USPS has been experiencing delays due to COVID19. Some packages (especially standard mail) could be behind schedule or stop receiving updated tracking information. 
  • International deliveries could take 10 weeks from the shipping date to arrive. We recommend contacting your local Post Office for more information on delays in your area. 

If your order has been marked delivered but you have not received it please follow these steps:

  • Double check the shipping address on your order. 
  • Wait 1-2 business days from the date it was marked delivered.
    • Packages are occasionally scanned ‘Delivered’ to give your Postal Carrier a little more time to catch up on deliveries. These packages are often delivered in a couple of days.
  • Check your property thoroughly for the package (stairs, by fences, behind porch furniture etc.) or check with your building management if you live in an apartment building.
  • Ask your neighbors or leave a note in your mailroom to see if it was possibly misdelivered to a different address.
  • If there is no sign of the package please let us know and we can go from there!
How do I find my ring size?

We have at home ring sizers available if you would like to be 100% confident you’re ordering the correct size. We can ship out ring sizer orders within 24 hours of purchase!

Order an at home ring sizer


A couple notes:

  • Ring sizing is not perfect! Changes in weather, hydration levels, elevation and many other factors contribute to your fingers swelling to various degrees.
  • A ring should fit easily over your knuckle, you should be able to get it on without struggle and then have a slight pull at the knuckle when removing it. Proper sizing is more of a personal preference than a perfect science.

We are always happy to help if you need any assistance in finding the right size for you!

print this card to keep track of your ring sizes!
What are common ring sizes?

Hannah Naomi has been fully size inclusive since day 1!

We offer rings in sizes 1-16 including full, half and quarter sizes.

In our experience, the most common ring sizes for women range from sizes 5-10, with a size 7-8 being the most popular.

Midi or knuckle rings typically range from a US size 1-5, with sizes 2 and 3 being the most common.

Popular men’s sizes tend to be sizes 9-13.

What is US Fashion Ring sizing?

Fashion ring sizing is a common measurement for non-bridal jewelry in the US. However, there is always a chance that our sizing is slightly different from another designer. Fashion rings are meant to be taken on and off, mixed and matched and stacked together so they tend to fit best when worn a little on the loose side. Our sizes range from 1-16, including half and quarter ring sizes, which is perfect for finding the right fit for you.

Stacking rings tend to fit best when they aren’t too tight. They are meant to space out across your finger and move independently. For this reason we size up our ring sets of 5+ by a quarter size per ring for a more true to size fit. For example, if you order a set of five rings in a size 7 each individual ring will be sized to a 7.25.

If you are buying a ring based on your wedding ring size we recommend contacting us first! Bridal jewelry is sized differently from US Fashion jewelry. We want to make sure you get the right size ring for you!

How do I find my bangle size?

Stretch out your hand, tuck your thumb underneath your palm and squeeze your hand together to make it as small as possible. Then, take a ruler and measure the length straight across the widest part of your hand (usually straight across your knuckles). This will allow you to measure the smallest bangle diameter that will fit over your hand.


Printable Bangle Size Chart

How do I exchange/return my order?

Our return policy is simple! 

Click here to start your return!

Contact us with any questions about your return!

How do I exchange a gift?

Choose the best options for your exchange!

  1. Either:
    1. Send the gift back to us for a Hannah Naomi Gift Card. 
    2. Purchase the piece or size you prefer in advance of your return and we will issue a refund to the original form of payment upon receipt.
  2. Please thoroughly read then complete the Return Form so we can accurately process your return! 
  3. Let us know if you have any questions!

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

A couple of notes: 

    • Please provide the order number or the full name of the purchaser.
      • We cannot exchange or issue credit for pieces that cannot be linked to an order number!
    • If you choose a gift card, when your return arrives at our studio we will contact you with your gift card number in the amount of the merchandise total minus any applicable fees.
      • Your gift card will not expire and can be used toward any product on
    • The purchaser will not be informed of the exchange if you select the gift card option.
    • Please mark the ‘this was a gift’ box on the exchange form AND let us know that you would like your refund in the form of a gift card.
      • If no note is left on the return form we will default to refunding the original payment method.

Follow these steps to start the exchange!

Important information about returns.
  • Our return window is two weeks from the date you received your order. Exceptions are made for gifts! See below for more info.
  • Shipping fees are non refundable.
  • To avoid additional fees, all returns MUST be sent back to us in a padded envelope or box to protect the jewelry in transit. No standard, letter envelopes, please!
  • We cannot be responsible for packages that were sent in an insecure manner.
  • Additional deductions or fees may apply if pieces are not returned in their original condition or are received with additional postage owed. Do not use stamps to send your jewelry through the mail!
  • We cannot issue refunds after 180 days from the purchase date.
  • You must have purchased directly through Hannah Naomi to exchange. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

  • Items must be in their original condition to avoid a deduction from your refund.
  • You may ship back to us with the method of your choice (UPS, FedEx or USPS). Retain your tracking information. We cannot be responsible for packages returned without tracking.
  • We also offer prepaid return labels through USPS. If you use our prepaid return shipping label (US only) a fee will be deducted from your refund.
    • $4.75 (First Class Mail)
    • $8.75 (Priority Mail)
  • Should your return be sent back to us well outside of our two week exchange window there will be a fee deducted from your refund. 
  • If the parcel is not protected it will likely be damaged or lost in transit. We will deduct an additional fee depending on the level of damage to the piece if it was not packaged appropriately. 
  • Returns received with postage due will incur a fee. $2.00 plus any postage we pay to receive the parcel will be deducted from your refund. This fee can be largely avoided by shipping with a padded envelope or box.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

How should I care for Ultra Thin rings?

The Ultra Thin rings are delicate so we recommend removing them before working out, doing any heavy lifting or engaging in any activity that will put strain on the rings.

We also recommend selecting a size that can be worn very comfortably. If these rings are too snug it can put excess stress on the metal.

There is strength in numbers! Wearing more than one stacking ring will disperse any pressure, making them more durable. 

Please note that these rings are the thinnest we make, measuring under one millimeter each (.7mm). They may bend slightly from a perfect circle to organically fit on your finger. This is normal and ultimately makes the ring more comfortable and unique to you. 

What is Gold Fill?

14K Gold Fill metal consists of an external layer of 14K Gold over a brass core and is generally considered to be one of the best alternatives to pure gold, both in longevity and durability. Gold Fill provides the look and feel of real gold without the high cost and is much more durable than the cheaper “gold-plated” metal (which is what most faux-gold jewelry is made of). Gold-fill can retain its exterior gold shell for years with regular care.

Will the metal tarnish?

All metal jewelry requires occasional maintenance and cleaning due to a build up of every day dirt and oils.

Any household gold or silver jewelry cleaner will wipe the dirt off and restore the original shine. In general, jewelry cleaners are inexpensive, easy to use and are available at any drugstore.

To prevent severe tarnish, we recommend keeping metal jewelry away from chlorinated pool water and water with a high mineral content as exposure may cause premature tarnish.


Purchase a Jewelry Cleaning Kit to polish up your lightly tarnished pieces!

Does your jewelry contain nickel?

Nope! None of our pieces contain nickel. 

How durable is your jewelry?

All of our jewelry is made for daily wear. However, we do recommend removing rings before doing any heavy lifting or working out (especially the more delicate “Ultra Thin” rings).

If you work with your hands or are generally rough on your rings we would be happy to help find a more durable alternative to the style you are interested in!

What is the small, light mark on my ring?

The small section of pale gold/silver on the ring is the solder mark, which is the point where we connect the two ends of the metal to create a ring. It can most often be noticed on Rose Gold pieces.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a non-toxic, accurate color match for 14K Rose Gold solder, so we use a 10K Gold solder. 10K gold solder is considered to be the best match in color to 14K Rose Gold without introducing harmful chemicals to the jewelry.

The solder mark will not spread or change over time. In fact, in our experience it becomes less noticeable with a little time and wear. :)

My Gold Fill rings look a little rosy. Is that normal?

The 14K Gold Fill metal that we use does have a slightly rosy or tawny hue to it compared to higher karat golds. The slight rosy hue can also be brought out by the soldering and finishing process for some of our pieces. Generally, the higher the karat weight, the more yellow the gold will appear. If you are accustomed to 18K or higher gold, our 14K jewelry may not be an exact match to your current collection or other designers pieces.

In either case, the Gold metal that we use does tend to take on a more ‘true’ yellow gold color with a couple wears. 

Metal thickness comparisons.



Our most popular stacking rings in Gold in a Hammered finish. 



Our most popular stacking rings in Rose Gold in a Smooth finish. 

Do you take requests for custom pieces?

Yes! We are happy to work with you to create a custom piece if we are able to do so. Please contact us at to inquire about starting a custom order.

What is the ordering process for custom pieces?

1. Send us a message through describing the piece you would like. Please include metal type, size, price range and the date you would like to receive it. Reference photos are always very helpful!

2. Once the design and price point have been agreed upon we will work on a sample of the piece within 2-4 weeks depending on the intricacy of the design.

3. We will send you photos of the finished sample when it is completed.

4. If you would like changes made feel free to let us know. NOTE: Changes may take another 1-3 weeks depending on the level of difficulty.

5. If you are satisfied with the design we will set up a custom listing for the price agreed upon.

*PLEASE NOTE* Pricing for custom orders will reflect the labor hours required, materials used AND a $15 – $30 fee that will be dependent on the difficulty of the piece and how drastically it differs from designs we currently make.

What does 'Less Than Perfect' mean?

Less than perfect means that any blemishes are cosmetic, NOT structural. Most of our slightly imperfect pieces were made with a little too much solder or have a small knick from a hammer.

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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