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HNIRL: Hannah Naomi in real life.


✨ Meet Cheyenne ✨


Tell us a little about yourself!

I live in Oakland, CA. About 2.5 years ago I took my first wheel throwing class in San Francisco and haven’t stopped since! I now work out of my own studio space in a shared warehouse with other artists in Berkeley.


What is your favorite part about what you do?

My favorite part of being a potter is that I am always improving. Whether it’s mastering my ideal mug shape, learning to throw a new piece or finding the perfect glaze, there are constantly ways to feel accomplished in this art form. I also love creating art that brings happiness to others. It always makes my day when I receive a customer message letting me know how much they love a piece that I have worked so hard to create.



What is your favorite piece of HN jewlery?

The Medium Thick Bead Ring Set of 5! I have been wearing this stack for years and am always getting compliments on it!  


Love how Cheyenne styles her look?

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