Do you ever think to yourself…

I want to get myself some midi rings… but I’m not sure where to start!

Well, don’t you worry! Over the years we have seen customers style their midis in all sorts of ways and we’re ready to help you create you very own midi ring stack. Keep reading to get the inspo you need! 


But what finger do I wear midi rings on?

When it comes to choosing what finger you want to wear your midi ring on, there is no wrong answer! But we think the best ways to wear our knuckle rings is to keep them all on one finger or space them out on different knuckles. We also love the look of wearing a midi ring on your pinky finger!


The one-midi-ring look can be easier to wear, especially if you tend to work with your hands or find yourself having to take off your rings frequently. One of our most popular midi ring styles is the signature Ultra Thin Ring – this ring is a bit more malleable than our thicker styles and can form to your finger over time. 

If you tend to be a bit harder on your hands, we recommend going with the Medium Thick Ring or thicker when picking your midi ring. Our full line of stacking rings all make perfect midi rings that can fit any style you are looking for.


One of our favorite ways to wear midi rings is to compliment a statement piece that you want to dress-up. This could be your engagement ring or any other bold design! Some of our customers like to mix pieces with their wedding band for different occasions. Check out our bridal blog for more bridal styles!

For a bold look try the classic Bead Ring or X-Ring! These pieces really pop but are also comfortable enough to wear on your upper finger.

By adding some stacking rings and/or some Ultra Thin midi rings to your finger, you have a completely new and elegant look! 

What size should I pick for a midi ring? 

When picking your midi ring size you want to make sure that the ring will be tight enough not to fall off, but loose enough to fit onto your finger and not cut off any circulation.

Hot tip: most midi ring sizes tend to be from size 1-5 in US Fashion sizing. Keep in mind that this totally depends because everyone is different!

To be 100% accurate, check out our

At-Home Ring Sizer Kit




Want more info on midi rings?

Check out this video for a closer look at our favorite midi ring looks + more info on finding the right size!

How do you wear your midi rings?

We’d love to see your stack!

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