Let’s create some chic stacks with the versatile Extra Thick Ring!

The beauty of these stacking rings lies in the affordability and versatility. You can create your customized ring stack without breaking the bank! Let’s say you go with one of the options shown below, the Extra Thing Ring paired with the Twist Ring and Ultra Thin Ring. This stack’s total cost is just under $60! All for three gold-fill stacking rings that can be mixed and matched for years to come. 

Do you love the look of Silver and Gold together? Us too. Mixing metals has been questioned in the past, but here at HN we love to get creative! Adding a different colored metal to your ring stack can add even more dimension and gives you more options for future outfits. Lately we have all been loving the look of the Teardrop Ring and Extra Thick Ring stack in mixed metals.

thumb ring stacks

The thing about thumb rings is, you will want to go with a thicker style due to how often the thumbs are used in day-to-day life. The Extra Thick Ring is perfect for this! Below are a couple options that we have been head over heels with! 😍

#1 – Extra Thick Twist Ring Set of 3 (includes an Extra Thick Ring, Thick and Thin Twist Ring)

#2 – Basic Stacking Ring Set (includes an Extra Thick Ring, Medium Thick and Ultra Thin Ring)

#3 – Extra Thick Ring Set of 3 (includes THREE Extra Thick Rings)

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