Heya! It’s me, Allison of Team HN :)

You may have seen me around these parts before! I create most of the content that you see on our social media platforms and site.

Today, I’m going to show you how I style my HN pieces that I’ve collected over the years!

When I’m feeling fancy or just need to dress up my look – I like to wear my Full Circle Hoops and Hammered Collar Necklace. I have yet to find an outfit that they don’t look great with!

Allison, Social Media Manager

I absolutely love wearing my Thin Interlocking Ring on my pinky – it is perfect for fidgety hands (which I absolutely have) and I wear it every day. 

Because of the way these rings are interlocked, the ring can roll up and down your finger which is so satisfying.

Honestly, I feel so strange if I leave the house without it!

Lately, I have been stacking some Ultra Thin Rings on my upper knuckle for the midi-look.

These rings come in either Hammered or Smooth for a different type of sparkle – I am loving the Smooth.

At first it started with just one midi ring, but I am loving the look of two rings stacked together!


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