These chains are made for stacking, and that’s just what they’ll do. 

When it comes to dressing up your necklace stack, there are lots of fun options. While the Layering Chain is beautiful on its own, here are some of our favorite ways to layer our modern chain necklaces is to stack them together, add another design, or add a pendant!


Mix metals + thicknesses. 

A great way to add some sparkle to your look is to incorporate different metals or chain thicknesses! Our chains are available in 14k Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver, along with two different thicknesses! Combining these thicknesses is a great way to create a bolder look. They are so eye-catching when the light hits them!


Try layering with another design.

The versatility of these chains can amplify any look. Do you have a necklace that you love to wear and don’t want to change your entire look, simply add a Layering Chain to compliment it! Here at HN we also offer a variety of necklaces that pair perfectly with our chains! Like the Mini Circle Necklace, Mini Geo Necklace, or the Hammered Collar Necklace!


Add pendants or rings!

Missing a chain for a pendant you already have? These Layering Chains are the perfect solution! I highly recommend going with our thin, 1mm chain to show off your own pendant. Another fun idea is to wear one of your rings on a chain! This is great for moments when you can’t wear rings or just for fun! Pro tip: small stacking rings in sizes 1-2 make perfect ‘charms’ for your necklace!

Not sure what length to pick? 

Our team created this super helpful diagram to show you how each length looks on! Keep in mind that necklace lengths will appear differently on different bodies!



How do you wear your HN Layering Chains?

We’d love to see your necklace stack!

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