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HNIRL: Hannah Naomi in real life.

HNIRL: Kasey's Pretty Nails

HNIRL: Kasey's Pretty Nails


Hi Kasey! It's a pleasure to introduce you to our community :) Tell us a little about yourself!

Hey there! In addition to being a dog mom of the sweetest 6-month old puppy, I am a cybersecurity lawyer at a tech company. Prior to this chapter of my career, I practiced business litigation at a law firm in Los Angeles, helping corporate clients prepare for trial. (And yes, I voluntarily traded in L.A. beaches and sun for the PNW climate. I’m originally from the Seattle area, so I am happy to be closer to home.)

Kasey is wearing the Thin Layering Chain Necklace + Sunburst Hoops! Photo by: Chanele Hemphill

In my spare time, I love hanging out with my husband and my dog and painting my nails as often as possible. I also enjoy giving back to the community by serving criminal justice reform, education, and immigration organizations. 

What does your work in cybersecurity and your interest in nail art have in common?

At work, I learn from incredibly smart people every day. My clients include former hackers, former members of law enforcement, and engineers with decades of experience building the amazing, complex products that you and I use every day—these very impressive people are all willing to share their knowledge with me and help me navigate being a newbie in tech and cybersecurity. I’ve seen parallels in the nail community. I’ve gotten to know people across the world that are so talented, many of them self-taught. I’ve reached out to complete strangers to ask “how do you get your lighting to be so consistent” or “how do you paint lines so neatly?” Never once have my requests for help and advice gone unanswered. I’m grateful to have a willingness to learn and grow every day, and I’ve got great teachers all across cyberspace.

Kasey is stacking it up with the Open Knot Ring, Large Wraparound Ring, Circle Ring + Bead RingPhoto by: Chanele Hemphill

What sparked your interest in Hannah Naomi jewelry?

It is really important to me that I support small and local businesses. After relocating back to the PNW early in the pandemic years, I decided I wanted to immerse myself in the community by exploring companies that aligned with my social media brand. There wasn’t a great way to do that in the real world, so I did some virtual research and came across Hannah Naomi. I am a nail artist, so I initially was looking for rings to complement my manicures. As the world started to open back up, I went to a sample sale and found a bunch of gorgeous, unique rings. I was instantly hooked!

Wearing the stunning Sunburst Hoops, Large Wraparound Ring, Cage Ring + Twist Ring Left photo by: Chanele Hemphill

What are your favorite Hannah Naomi pieces?

There are so many beautiful pieces, it is hard to choose! Hannah is wildly creative, and I feel very fortunate to be an ambassador for this fantastic company. But if I have to pick, I’d say the extra large wraparound ring is always a go-to. I feel so glamorous every time I put it on and it’s a stunning statement piece. I also find I can’t go wrong with a thin layering chain necklace (or two). They’re perfect for everyday wear. I mostly work from home, but when I go into the office I tend to sport a Hannah Naomi chain necklace—it makes me feel more put together! 

Photo by: Chanele Hemphill
Where can we find you on socials?
I’m on Instagram! Stop by @kaseysprettynails and say hi.
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