Options Overhaul: Thickness, Textures & More!

Options Overhaul: Thickness, Textures & More!


With options for various finishes, metal choices and thicknesses you can make HN jewelry customized just for you. 
Let's take a look at what's new...


Some people like thick rings, some like daintier rings. We're not going to make you compromise. Now try our classic Wraparound Ring, X-Ring, Stadium Ring and Circle Ring in a thicker (1.5mm) or the original thinner metal (1mm).


Let’s do the Twist. The Wraps, X-Rings, Circle Rings & Open Circle Studs are also now available in our signature gorgeous rope-like metal. Perfect for adding a little extra sparkle to your look!


Some prefer the sleek shine of a smooth finish, while others prefer the sparkling texture of the hammered finish. We have now made that option available for your favorite styles including the Wraparounds, X-Rings, Circle Rings, Helix Rings & Bangles!


Sometimes that hammered texture just hits different... Whether you like your rings hammered with a mirror-like texture or even more texturized, you now have the option to customize the Shield Rings, Wide Band & Essential Band!



These new mini options are quite the obsession over here at studio HN. As soon as we saw them, we all instantly needed to start stacking them and finding the combination that suits each of our styles. Now try the brand-new MINI Open Circle Studs, MINI Circle NecklaceSMALL Curved Wraparound!

Have you been loving all of these new options? 

We got a lot of these ideas from you! The custom requests that customers have made over the years have shown us what people want to wear and how they want to wear it. So if there is anything that you’d like to see in a slightly different style (i.e. thickness, finish, or size), let us know!

Take a closer look at all the new options on our YouTube channel :)

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