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HNIRL: Hannah Naomi in real life.

HNIRL: Amisha from The Jam Lab

HNIRL: Amisha from The Jam Lab

Meet Amisha from The Jam Lab

Amisha Gurbani The Jam Lab

Hi Amisha!! Tell us about you and your work, where are you from? What got you started? 

I am originally from Mumbai, in India. I came to the United States in 1999, to do my Masters in Computer Science. I am actually an engineer by day, and a food blogger by night and weekends! Food is my passion and I love talking about it, cooking and baking for my family and friends, and simply spreading the joy and love of food around! I started my food blog in 2016, as a way to share recipes that I grew up with, that were taught by my mother, to keep the heritage/tradition alive and going, and at the same time, I love coming up with fusion dishes, flavor combinations that are unique and fun!


Amisha is wearing the: Infinity Spiral, Square Lined Ring, Extra Thick Ring, Bead Ring, Twist Ring, and Essential Band.

What is your favorite part about what you do?

I truly love recipe development, and the research and thought process of going about putting together recipes, the testing, and seeing the results of adding more of one ingredient as opposed to another. Coming up with different and unique flavor combinations is something that I love, and that is something that I am well known for. I love food photography too, and capturing the food in the best light, showing off nature's bounty is something I enjoy doing as well! I have been fortunate to have had opportunities to do recipe work for magazines such as Sunset, Wired, Bake from Scratch, Bon Appetit, S.F Chronicle and Washington Post.

Where can our customers learn more & order your cookbook? 

My website has a ton of recipe inspiration. I am available on Instagram and always reply to all my DMs @thejamlab . You can order my cookbook, Mumbai Modern, from my website, on Amazon.com or any bookstore - I would love if you could buy the cookbook from a book store and support them! :)


Lastly, what is your favorite piece of HN jewelry?

I am a huge fan of the stacked rings, and also the solid hammered ring as well. My 13 year old actually took some of my rings! Cause they are so pretty and she wears them to school too! ;)


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