How To Stack Earrings: 2 Easy Steps!

How To Stack Earrings: 2 Easy Steps!

Want to create your perfect earring stack but don’t know where to start?

Here at HN we know that stacking jewelry can often seem overwhelming at first, but over the years we have come up with the perfect solutions for creating minimal, bold, and edgy looks for just about any style. Keep in mind that there is no one way to create the perfect stack – we encourage you to take these tips and get creative :)


Step one of building any stack is to piece together your foundation aka the focal point of your look. We’re not building houses here, but it’s the same basic principles! :) Find out the goal of your look: are you looking to dress up an outfit or are you looking to make a simple and sophisticated look? 

For an evening out or a bolder statement, try the Sunburst, Pendulum, Lunar, Link or Interlocking StudsIf you like a more minimal look, you might try the Bar, Dot, Circle, or BeadStuds. I highly recommend going for a Huggie Hoop for daily wear.


The last step of building your earring stack is to experiment with additional earrings that bring some flavor to your combination. You can go for earrings that are sentimental and tell a story, or for a more minimal approach. Either way, adding more texture and dimension to your look is a sure way to create the earring stack of your dreams.

The easiest way to accentuate texture is to either compliment your existing earring’s style (i.e. all smooth or all hammered designs) or switching it up (i.e. smooth AND hammered designs, or smooth and twist designs) And don’t worry! If you only have a single piercing, you can still accessorize your earring stack with ear cuffs.

For more texture, try the Open Circle Studs, Bead Studs, Ear Climbers, or Ear Cuffs! Cuffs are a fantastic option if you do not have multiple piercings and/or want to test out a look before making your piercing appointment. Plus, they’re so versatile! It’s super easy to mix and match ear cuffs with any earring and simply pinch the cuff onto the desired area you would like some extra sparkle! 

To add dimension to your look, try the Recycled Bead Studs or Mirror Studs! These designs are a great way to add a 3-dimensional feel and more sparkle. Another way to add dimension to your earring stack is to try mixing metals! Wearing gold and rose gold together is a great way to bring warmth to your earring stack. To mix it up a bit more you can always add a sterling silver piece to contrast your gold earrings.



For those with metal sensitivities, it can be hard to find your favorite styles in Solid 14k Gold. We’re happy to offer all of our pieces in high quality 14k Gold Fill & SOLID 14k Gold for everyone! Not only is solid gold great for metal sensitivities, but it is a great sentimental gift that stands the test of time. Did you know that all of our Huggie Hoop styles are offered in Solid 14K Gold?


Are you more of a ‘hoop person’? You’re in luck! Our stackable stud earrings pair super well with our Open Hoop designs and classic Hoop Earrings! We offer these hoops in various sizes and styles so you can get exactly what you want.

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