We're super excited about this collab with our one and only customer service manager, Katie DeTemple - who also happens to be an amazing artist. Katie works primarly with Cyanotyping which is type of photo printing that utilizes ultraviolet light. We asked Katie to join us in creating some spectacular limited edition tote bags for this holiday season! Read below to get a peak at Katie's process and learn more about these one of a kind bags.

Tell us a little about when you started making art with cyanotypes!

I have been making these prints for about 10 years!
Learn more about Katie's work here.

Katie, would you mind explaining a little of your process with us?

These are made by coating the bags with a light sensitive chemical, then using a negative to contact print a positive image on to the tote with UV light :) Our team worked together on the designs, so these are truly a collaboration!

These limited edition bags will be available in a couple different styles and are all one of a kind. We only have a small amount available so make sure to get your hands on one while you can!


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