What Gold Jewelry Is Best For You

What Gold Jewelry Is Best For You

We’re breaking down the differences in cost, durability, and quality of Gold Filled, Gold Plated, Vermeil, and Solid Gold jewelry!

At Hannah Naomi we know there is a lot of information out there about these different metals, but we want to share what we have learned over the years.
For more in-depth info, check out the above video by Hannah, the owner and designer at Hannah Naomi Jewelry.
Here’s what you should know about Gold Plated, Vermeil, Filled, and Solid Gold jewelry.
Gold Plated is the most inexpensive option, least durable, and can be hard to wear for those who have sensitive skin.
Gold Vermeil jewelry is a similar option to Gold Plated, though it has a Sterling Silver core which can be more noticeable as the thin gold layer wears off.
Gold Fill is the higher quality alternative to Solid Gold. It is made with pressure bonding and contains a higher percentage of gold for long term wear. This is our Solid Gold metal alternative of choice! It is also great for those with sensitive skin.
Most of our products can also be made in 14k Solid Gold which is the highest quality metal, longest lasting, and rarely affects those with skin sensitivities.

“In founding Hannah Naomi, offering jewelry that is high quality at accessible price points was always important to me.”   – Hannah

For more info about our 14K Gold jewelry, check out our beautiful metal info page!

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